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WITH LLC is growing and we need help finding the best people to work with us.

Why Refer a Friend - We got to strengthen out team, your friend gets a great job, and you get a iPad.
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Earn Bonus for Consultant and Client Referrals

WITH LLC is a great place to work, and we want you to have every opportunity to share our success. Earn a bonus when you refer a friend or associate who becomes a WITH LLC consultant, or provide a business lead that results in staffing assignments.

Client Referral Program

WITH LLC pays bonuses for information on new projects and clients. Provide the following information to register project referrals with WITH LLC:

  • Company name and location.
  • Project manager or project in need of support.
  • Technical details on the project (an introduction to the project manager increase your opportunity for reward).
  • We are an Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action employer and our employees come from a wide range of cultural and geographic backgrounds.

Call the WITH LLC today with your referrals. Click here to send us your referral now.

Consultant Referral Program

We're always looking for new, qualified computer professionals to join our team. You can also earn referral bonus by helping us with our search.

Once WITH LLC verifies that your referral's resume is not already in our database, you become eligible for the referral reward. If WITH LLC hires your referral for any project (more than 90 days in duration), you receive a bonus after the newly hired consultant has worked 500 hours. Bonuses vary based on skills in demand and market conditions.